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A team of experienced, creative, and collaborative energy professionals focused on utility-scale renewables.

Who We Are

Nova Clean Energy is a renewable energy company focused on developing and constructing large-scale wind, solar, and storage projects across the United States. We have the patience, creativity, and right kind of capital to take a long-term view of the evolving US energy markets, and our team has a successful global track record of investing in and deploying grid-scale projects. We bring institutional knowledge and an owner's attention to detail during the development of and investment in the type of large-scale projects needed to advance the clean energy transition.

Why We're Different

Nova Clean Energy is the US development arm of Bluestar Energy Capital which has raised an initial $100M for greenfield renewable energy development. Based on a fundamental belief that successful project development is a local business, Bluestar Energy Capital has a platform of regional development companies, allowing us to put our project stakeholders first. Through this approach we can focus on early and sustained community engagement while leveraging the in-house expertise and experience of a global player.  

We're Hiring!

We're seeking talented individuals excited to work towards building a clean energy future.

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