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About Us

Nova Clean Energy is the U.S. development platform of Bluestar Energy Capital, a platform started by industry veterans that aspires to be one of the largest investors of project development capital globally.

We fundamentally believe that successful project development is a local business. Bluestar Energy Capital has a platform of regional development companies, allowing us to put our project stakeholders first. Through this approach we can focus on early and sustained community engagement while leveraging the in-house expertise and experience of a global player.

Nova Clean Energy is headquarted in Chicago, IL with offices in Austin, TX.

Meet Our Team

Our team has a successful global track record of investing in and developing grid-scale wind, solar, and storage projects.


Ben Pratt.png

Ben Pratt


Dylan Reeves_edited.jpg

Dylan Reeves

Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations

Sarah Herman.png

Sarah Herman

Senior Director of Technical Operations


Jenn Goodwillie

Senior Vice President of Development

Matt Thornton.png

Matt Thornton

Regional Market Director, Development


Sarah Aftergood

Director of Development

Nina Budde

Development Manager

Sony Dhaliwal

Senior Director of Transmission

Marina Gonzales

Engineering Manager

Minsung Kim

GIS Manager

Kayley Presby-Gaines

Office Administrator

Alex Rodrigues

Manager, Project Finance

Karina Sommerlot

Project Manager

Katie Alexandridis

Director of Decision Support

Sarah Clark

Director of Information Systems

Claire Dittrich

Project Developer

Alex Hovi

Office Manager

Nick McIntosh

Director of Development

Ryan Randolph

Project Development Manager

Maria Siezar


Erik Williams

Senior Director of Accounting

Interested in joining our growing team?

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